GatewayD Labs

The best database tooling.

GatewayD Labs is a startup company that builds software to help developers build robust and resilient data-driven applications. We are a small team of developers and data scientists passionate about building software that helps developers build better software.

We are currently working on a few products, including GatewayD. Usually there is a black box mentality around databases that makes it hard to understand what is going on. We are building tools that help you understand what is going on in your database and how to improve and secure it. Our tools usually work out of the box with zero to no changes to your code and databases.

Our company aims to disrupt the database tooling industry by providing a platform that enables seamless communication between database clients and servers. Our programmable open-source gateway transparently proxies queries and responses, providing valuable features such as caching, analytics, and security, to name a few. Our platform offers endless possibilities through various plugins and mechanisms, including federated services such as authentication and SRE tooling. Our mission is to deliver the best database tooling and enhance the usage and management experience for our customers, with the ease and flexibility of API gateways.


Free and open-source cloud-native database gateway and framework for building data-driven applications