Like API gateways, for databases.
Category: OSS

GatewayD is a free and open-source cloud-native database gateway and framework for building data-driven applications. It sits between your database servers and clients and proxies all their communication. It is like API gateways, for databases.

GatewayD is an L4 proxy for SQL databases and clients. You can either write your own plugins or make use of our built-in, community and enterprise plugins.

Using GatewayD, you can see through the queries and the data passing between your database server and clients, and take action. For example, you can cache the result of SQL SELECT queries or detect and prevent SQL injection attacks.

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GatewayD plugin for caching query results.
Category: OSS

Optimize performance by caching SQL SELECT query results in Redis, ensuring efficient invalidation upon DML, DDL, and similar queries. Benefit from features such as TTL, multi-database support, Prometheus metrics, and more.

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GatewayD plugin for detection and prevention of SQL injection attacks.
Category: Enterprise

Safeguard your systems against SQL injection attacks using our meticulously crafted deep learning models. Detect and prevent these attacks effectively, taking immediate and proactive measures to ensure the security of your data and infrastructure.

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Advanced Cache


GatewayD plugin for advanced caching of query results.
Category: Enterprise

Seamlessly invalidate cached results, regardless of direct client connections to the database, ensuring consistent and up-to-date data throughout your infrastructure.

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Free and open-source cloud-native database gateway and framework for building data-driven applications